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We believe commissioning art should be simple and affordable. We help you save more money by leveraging your art commissions on our collaboration with diverse artists in the industry. Get in touch with us now and let’s help you get best with your budget.

Check out our affordable rates for basic request:

Full Body Color Shaded: Starting @ $40 $30

Additional Character: Starting @ $20 $15

Detailed backgrounds: Starting @ $20 $15

Complex Props: Starting @ $10

Our prices are not fixed, we may charge higher depending on the complexity, style and the level of detail required.

Fill out the form below with all relevant information and we will send you a quote for free in the shortest possible time.

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Ikate Keda Studios

How we make art more affordable.

Freelance artists don’t just draw pictures, they are running a business. Most times, they charge you for background work you don’t benefit from. From our experience, we have learned that only 1/5th of a freelancers’ work is passed to the client. That’s not their fault.

At Ikate Keda Studios, our aim is to ensure that you don’t pay for background work that does not add value to you. We charge less by bringing artists new businesses rather than allowing them to incur cost by searching for new requests.

Through our strategies, we are able to charge less while motivating the artists we work with by paying them more. Find out more about our strategy here.