About Us

Ikate Keda Studios was created on Febuary 3rd 2019 by Krystian Young, with the help of Cynthia Xiong(Kily). The first month was difficult with only a handful of sales, but in March the Studio picked up with the help of other artists who joined the cause.

Ikate Keda Studios was founded with the belief that Art shouldn’t be any more complicated than it already was. There are difficulties on both sides of the transaction we hoped to alleviate so that quality art was attainable by anyone who had an idea. A unified name that artists could rally under, lifting the burden of operating a business on their own from their shoulders, and creating a single place for potential commissioners to have access to all these artists with a single conversation.

Consistent, reliable, and secure commissions. Hasslefree, how you want them.

Find our T.O.S and learn about our commission process here!