Art by Daldam

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Hi there, my name is DAL, and I have worked for six years as an avatar and dynamic theme creator where my work was published on playstation 3&4.

Working in a professional environment has taught me a lot over the years. I work using photoshop, clip studio, maya, after effects and all sorts of other programs.

Whatever you imagine I will draw for you, maybe a dystonia sci fi setting, a medieval scene, fantasy whether that be high, low, or some other weird machination your mind can think of. You can have concepts, lines, flats, shading, or a full render if you desire.

I pride myself on learning new styles, evolving and growing, and mostly, making sure the client is happy with the end product.

For bigger projects I will work more closely with you, staying in communication so that your design is just right. If you ask I can give you advice to bounce off.

Do you have a comic with scenery? I can model it for you and send you the obj file. Do you want an animated desktop theme, or maybe a gif to use as an avatar? I’ll try anything,just get in contact and ill be glad to help.