Art by Twinkubus

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Hiya~! My name’s Twinkubus, and as you might be able to guess I’m into making “salacious” art.

Since before it was decent I’ve been doodling depraved and unbecoming imagery for my own and other people’s enjoyment. I think there’s something sickly sweet about the thin line bordering acceptablility and ostracization. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the mundane, but if you’re looking to satisfy a nagging itch on the back of your brain, I’m the guy you should come to.

In terms of style, I can do just about whatever you’d like; Anime to Illustrative. Delightful to Horrific. And if I haven’t made somethin’ you’re looking for yet, then you can bet I’ve simply been waiting for the chance to do it. So why don’t you gimmie a click? I’d love to create something you’ll cheerish forever.