Art by Yo

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My name is Yo, My background is interior design and architecture but I always have a passion for concept arts and characters. I have skills ranging from 3d modelling, Digital Painting, Photo Editing and Graphic Design.

I love challenges so I am open to drawing anything, even things that I don’t particularly know about. I am able to recreate most art styles whether it may be cartoony, realistic or anything in the middle. Doing perspectives, hard surface objects or scenes is something that comes naturally to me as it is a skill that I have honed for years in the architecture school.

I am proficient enough to know how to tackle different task using different methods such as 3d overpainting or photo bashing to yield faster result in a short amount of time without sacrificing quality.

I’ll always do the best I can and even go the extra mile to make sure my clients have a good experience with what they get at the end of the day.